OpenVZ Installer

The installer has been discontinued and is no more available for downloads

This page will be dedicated to a small project: OpenVZ Installer .

OVZinstall has entered an Alpha Release state thanks to a few responses i got in the last days.

Project name: OVZinstall

Release date: 22 Nov. 2008

Version: 1.0a (Alpha)

Price: Free (Licensed under GPLv3)

Where to download: Download HERE

Hardware Support: x86 – i386/i586/i686 for now

What is OVZinstaller?

For the start OVZinstaller is a script write in Bash which will Check, Download and Install everything needed for a standard OpenVZ server including a few Templates without involving the user in the installation(or maybe just a bit).

It may be considered at first just a small script but if it saves me or you 20-30 minutes i guess it is worth.

The script was tested until now on the following OSs: Centos 4.7/5/5.2, Fedora Core(tested on version 8 and 10) and Debian 4/5 .

The templates downloaded are: centos-4.7-i386-default, centos-5.2-i386-default, fedora-core-6-i686-default,  slackware-12.0-i386-minimal, centos-5-i386-minimal, debian-4.0-i386-minimal, fedora-core-7-i386-default, ubuntu-8.10-i386-minimal .

How to install on the server:

tar -zxvf ovzinstall.tar.gz
cd ovzinstall
chmod 755

On a Debian install you may have to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and set the server to boot the OpenVZ kernel.

Please direct any Bugs to me and attach the openvz-install.log file located under /var/log/ .

Any input and ideas would be appreciated .