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OpenVZ + HyperVM install

Had a lot of clients lately that were trying to install OpenVZ with HyperVM on the servers and were failing and this because of a few reasons: wrong partition scheme, installing only HyperVM with no Openvz or doing the install wrong, etc.

So i decided to put in here a few things about this type of install and what you need and how to do it.

Firstly you need to make sure that the partition scheme on the server is right for OpenVZ, a right partition scheme for a Virtuozzo based install will look like this:

/boot – 2G-10G – boot partition

swap – 2xRam Memory – swap partition

/ – all the space left – main root partition


/boot – 2G-10G – boot partition

swap – 2xRam Memory – swap partition

/ – 2G-10G(or more) – main root partition

/vz – all space left – virtuozzo partition, all vps’s files will be here

Now for the OpenVZ install i have modified the OVZinstall so that it will not download any templates as this will b downloaded by the HyperVM installation and will speed up the install a bit.

To install OpenVZ and HyperVM on a server do the following:

1. Install OpenVZ

setenforce 0

cd /root


tar -zxvf ovzhypervm.tar.gz

cd ovzhypervm


shutdown -r now

2. Install HyperVM


sh ./ –virtualization-type=openvz

After HyperVM is installed you are all done, try and access your HyperVM CP: http://machine-name:8888  .

This should work just fine on any Debian/Fedora/Centos x86 install, not intended for 64bit yet as i did not finish the OVZinstall script for 64bit machines.

If anyone tries this and encounters any problems or have any questions please let me know.


Sick – crying in my pillow

So yes i am sick for 2 days now, i got some type of flu and a really bad one as i never before was so sick like now.

Everything in my body hurts, my eye are spinning and i can not even focus on the monitor for more the 15 minutes without almost starting to cry, if i am trying to walk it feels like my knees are going to break.

For the past 48 hours i was in bed almost all the time, i am on medication but seems the nothing helps.

I hope Friday will be a better day.