Monthly Archives: February 2009

OpenVZ installer – 64bit install

I have started integrating the 64bit install in the ovzinstaller and this should be done in the next few days.

After this the ovzinstaller will be set to rest as  i am not sure if i am going to  update it again(except for my work but nothing will be pushed on-line), at least for now, as there is no real need for it from what i can see.

There will be an HyperVM + Openvz installer created as it seems many people have no idea how to get this two to work and may be of help to some.


WordPress upgrade

Well ended upgrading today to the latest WordPress version 2.7.1 .
Did not really wanted to upgrade to version 2.7 to soon as there were things that needed to be fixed.

This upgrade was a simple and straight forward one with no surprises which is always a good thing.