OpenVZ installer

I am working for the last few days to finish the first release of a OpenVZ installer.

This OpenVZ installer will be for the start a script write in Bash which will download, check and install from A to Z a OpenVZ server including downloading a few templates.

The script will be released under a GPLv3 license so it will be free.

Project name: OVZinstall

General functions:

– Check if OS is supported and select installation type for the installed OS

– Import repositories

– Check if OpenVZ is already installed

– Check the CPU type and memory available and download/install appropriate kernel

– Set values in sysctl.conf

– Install vzctl, vzquota etc. packages

– Download a few templates

The script will save a log file under /var/log/openvz-install.log so if there will be any issues during the install we will know why.

The first release will be available only for x86 systems, will try later to add 64bit also.

The idea is that the script is supposed to save some time if you have to install plain OpenVZ servers.

Currently it was tested on Debian 4 and Centos 5 OSs and seems to be doing the job just fine.

During the following week i am planing to test it on Centos 4.7 and Fedora Core OSs also .

A small issue at the moment is that i can’t test it against a system with over 4Gb of RAM and/or running a Quad core CPU as i don’t have this hardware just laying around. Would be helpful if someone has access to this hardware and wants to test it and provide me with the output.

Any input is appreciated.