Ebay France to pay 40 mil. Euro to Louis Vuitton

A commercial Court in France decided that Ebay has to pay 40 mil. Euro to the LVMH luxury products group.

LVMH group says that Ebay France did not do anything to try and stop the sales of counterfeit products like perfumes and shoes which were made after the LVMH group products: Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior si Givenchy .
Ebay will try to appeal the decision but seeing the rules that go around in France and that the Court already agreed that Ebay has to pay all this money it may be a bit hard.

The case was open by 6 brands that are part of LVMH: 4 perfumes brands Dior, Guerlain, Kenzo si Givenchy, 1 women bags brand: Louis Vuitton and the shoes division from Christian Dior Couture .

In the same time LVMH group says that even the auctions on their original products were illegal because only their specialized dealers have the right to sell this products so if you got a perfume that you did not use and want to sell it you can not do it even if it is yours and you paid the money for it.

Needless to say that this rules imposed by LVMH are more moral wrong then commercial but i guess whoever buys their products should just keep them, for sure i am not one of those.

The Court decision on payments :
– 19,28 mil. euros to Luis Vuitton Malletier
– 17.3 mil. euros to Christian Dior Couture
– 3.25 mil. euros to the perfume brands

Have fun buying stuff you can not sell 🙂 .